Monday, February 21, 2011

Khandi Bhandar in Srikakulam

         Khandi Bhandhar is one of the mall in Srikakulam district.It is loacted near D.No.14-104,Old Market Near Medar Steet,Rajam in Srikakulam,Andhra PradeshKhadi Store. Product sold - Khadi Wear - Silk Saree, Shirt, Kurta, ladies top, ladies kurta, frock, skirt, pillow cover, hat. Food and Vegetable product - Honey, Sarbat, amla sugar controller, Mango Squash, hair oil, coconut oil. Fibre Products - Basket, bag etc. Paper Products - Carry bags, gift boxes, briefcase, design paper, envelope, photo frame etc. Leather Products - Jacket, Briefcase, bag, pouch, wallet,belt, shoe,chappal,purse etc Pottery - Vase, gamlas, charcoal oven,ceramic utensils, Ashoka stupi, Clay Statues etc Other items - Agarbati,Neem soap, sandal soap, lemon soap, plate, cradle,flower basket, flower hanger, tray etc 


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