Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CMR Family Shopping Mall inVijayanagaram

            CMR shopping mall was opened on the station road by  the actor Priyamani and the Loksabha member Botcha Jayalaxmi.It was the two-floor spacious CMR shopping mall, the market giant in fabrics and jewelry and the former MLA Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy opened the fabric wing on the first floor.Botcha Appala Narasaiah, MLA from Gajapathinagaram, was present.

              Later,he was  talking to the media, the MP said the fabric on sale would be within the reach of common man and thanked the proprietors for opening a mall in the fort town as it probably would provide employment to a few local youth. Ms. Priya Mani conveyed her best wishes to proprietor Chandana Mohana Rao (CMR) and his sons-in-law M. Venkataramana, A. Satyanarayana and J. Rama Rao and thanked them for inviting her to the inaugural function. Mr. Venkataramana said that soon after completion of the third floor, home appliances and other accessories would be added for sale.Chanadana Mohan rao is the greatest business man and almost all the districts he has his malls with well furnished and looking good

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