Friday, February 11, 2011

Big bazar in Vijayawada

       Big bazaar is one of the biggest shopping mall in Vijayawada.It has about 120 outlets across India, almost extended to any well known city.Vijayawada city  is one of the business center in Andhra Pradesh.This is in pretty good business and commercial center in the city.It is located in Gopalreddy road near Besant road.
Big bazar offers you with a vast range of varieties in many different sections that an unique person requires like groceries, apparel, footwear, bags, baggage, cosmetic, sanitary, etc. Pantaloon has got a very good brand reputation in big bazaar. They sponsors, market and also manufactures products in Big Bazaar.
        Many discounts are being availed on many products in this hyper market.This discounts may not be available in outside stores.Big bazaar also challenges the very low cost that offers on any product when compared to the price that is being sold outside the store.The prices are reasonable and the quality offers good at this hyper market A Food Bazaar is also present in this hyper market which provided you with various kinds of foods like Rice,biscuts,wheat flour, dals, pulses, fruits and vegetables, eatable section, drinks, etc.
       Almost 100 staff members are appointed here to assist the customers and provided them easy and convincer   in selecting their required products.They are very good towards customers.A good security is also provided and also Many on spot offers are also present in this hyper market.While coming to services, there is the best service provided in this hyper market.A very good team is present which supports you in selecting and picking up the product you want.Security guards verify each and every inch and makes your shopping safe and sound.Bags are not allowed into the Market, they are kept safe outside the Mall.
 There will be with a fully security 

                                               Interiors of Big bazar

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